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Established in 1999, Owl has a proven history in creating best-of-breed cybersecurity products, specializing in data diode technology designed from the ground up with components specifically purposed for one-way transfer. Proudly USA owned and operated in Ridgefield, CT, Owl manufactures and supports network security products for the US intelligence, military, and government communities, critical infrastructure, and commercial enterprises.


Owl’s vision is to develop data-agnostic, scalable and secure one-way communication products for sensitive and critical networks, capable of meeting the current and evolving needs of our customers. To this end, we have partnered with some of the most respected leaders in their industries to deliver the world’s most advanced data diode cybersecurity solutions. Our mission is to help protect sensitive networks around the world from cyber threats and provide valuable information to authorized users and applications on demand.


Originally designed to meet the needs of the US Defense, Intelligence, and Government agencies with Cross Domain Solutions – securely transferring data one-way from one security level domain to another – data diodes have since evolved to support Industrial-Commercial, Public & Private Services, and Energy & Utilities verticals within our Network Security Solutions – hardware-enforced network segmentation and one-way data transfer. As part of our CDS line, Owl offers a range of validated and accredited products, including UCDSMO Baseline-listed solutions.

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