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IT and OT engineers need network cybersecurity products for two basic reasons:


1.They need to secure a network against cyber threats while maintaining business continuity


2.They need to establish business continuity with an air-gapped network without creating a

   threat vector against the network


To achieve this Owl has developed an extensive portfolio of patented technology that allows customers to protect networks and perform a wide range of secure data transfers to maintain business continuity.  Owl products are based on the Owl DualDiode Technology platform and use proprietary middleware to interface with applications at the transport layer. By working at the transport layer, Owl products can easily be implemented to secure a network and perform a number of different data transfer operations (files, alarms, images, video, etc.) without interrupting the existing flow of information between segments, domains or networks.


Transfer operations supported by these product lines include data streaming, file transfer, database & historian replication, remote monitoring and process control vendor support. These high level capabilities facilitate application and transport layer transfers of information like SQL databases, image files, satellite images, email, chat, FTP, Syslog events, UDP streams, TCP/IP transfers, software patches and streaming video.


We provide this technology in two distinct product lines, the Owl Cross Domain Solutions for our domestic government customers and the Owl Perimeter Defense Solutions line for our commercial, industrial and international customers. Both product lines mitigate cyber attacks against the network and enable a host of one-way data transfers.