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Owl’s core data diode technology is based on a two diode architecture called the DualDiode.  The DualDiode uses a pair of Owl’s proprietary communication cards to create a secure one-way only data transfer solution used for network cybersecurity solutions.  Owl has three product lines built on this technology, the Owl Cross Domain Solutions (OCDS) line used by the government and the military, the Owl Perimeter Defense Solutions (OPDS) line for critical infrastructure operators and the Communication Card Systems product line.


The OCDS and OPDS product lines are designed for specific markets and include prescribed capabilities.  The Communication Card Systems are more generic in nature and allow sophisticated end-users to create purpose-built cybersecurity solutions.


Communication Card Systems consist of two components that must be selected by the customer and used together to create a working system.  The first component is a card kit.  Card kits provide the physical connectivity for data transfers and the circuitry that protects networks from cyber threats. The second component is the One-Way Data Transfer System; a software package that facilitates the transfer of data across the DualDiode.


Customers select card kits based on their bandwidth requirements (10Mbps to 10Gbps) and the type of server they are using (32bit or 64bit).  One-Way Data Transfer Systems are selected based on the type of data that needs to be transferred (UDP/IP, TCP/IP, raw Ethernet packets, files, directories) and whether or not the data needs to be scanned.


Owl recommends customers evaluate the range of “all in one” solutions that the OPDS and OCDS product lines have to offer before deciding on a Communication Card System. Our sales team can help guide you towards a solution that meets your needs and is deployed as fast as possible.