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Today Owl is installed in over 2000 sites, enabling the secure transfer of information across network security domains.  Owl’s file transfer solutions provide our customers with a highly reliable one way transfer of data sets (files) across security boundaries.  Owl’s solutions can transfer any file type without file size restriction and can automatically transfer entire directory structures, recreating the directory structure on the destination network and transferring the contents into it.


In addition to supporting standard file transfer protocols such as FTP and SFTP, Owl has developed file transfer applications that easily integrate with our customer applications and provide guaranteed file delivery.  Supporting optional file scanning and integrity checking, Owl’s File Transfer Applications ensure unsurpassed levels of security and reliability.


Typical Uses:

Customers rely on Owl’s DualDiode technology to securely transfer files across network boundaries while protecting the networks that contain the data.  Typical uses include the transfer of system log files and events to remote monitoring centers, transferring emails across security boundaries, sharing documents, reporting results of lab tests and product batches,  moving production data, making government reporting data available and transferring maintenance information.



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