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While many of our 2000+ deployments are moving data as discrete files, many others are moving data as packet streams.  From massive network wide deployments where we process all of the network traffic and pass raw Ethernet packets at a full 10Gbps line rate to smaller deployments where we process a single UDP video stream, a number of hardware and software combinations are available.


The available solutions include both OCDS and OPDS products to satisfy both government and commercial deployments. Our OPDS-100, OPDS-100D and OPDS-1000 offer transfer rates from 10Mbps to 1Gbps in two different, all-in-one, form factors and we have a number of different software applications designed to meet specific transfer requirements.


Typical Uses:

All of our solutions use our DualDiode Technology to ensure one-way only data transfers to ensure the network remains protected.  Customers use are streaming capabilities to forward system logs, performance management information, video, large high-resolution images, SNMP information, syslog messages, network traffic, network health messages and raw Ethernet packets to do network analysis and intrusion detection.



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