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Oracle, MS SQL, Informix, and other relational database are deployed to support the business operations of companies in nearly every industry and are used in a wide range of mission critical applications. Cyber-attacks target databases to gain access to confidential data or alter process information to harm business operations.   In response, Owl has developed the Secure Database Transfer Service (SDTS), which can be deployed with any Owl EPDS or OPDS DualDiode® solution.


Owl’s SDTS application is a patented technology that provides secure near real time replication of relational databases across network security boundaries. The mission critical database remains isolated from outside threat vectors while data needed to support business operations is securely transferred to those network domains where it is needed.


Typical Uses:

SDTS is designed to replicate data from a source database to a destination database that is typically located in a lower security domain.  The Source database is isolated from outside initiated cyber-attacks, thus maintaining data integrity and business continuity.  SDTS can be configured to query and replicate an entire database or a subset of the database, enabling secure remote monitoring and data analysis or secure off site database backup and disaster recovery.

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