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The impact of cyber threats to general industry and commercial operations is different than the impact to critical infrastructure providers but certainly not any less important.  Attacks against critical infrastructure providers can result in disruption to the power grid, contaminated drinking water, etc., however, commercial companies face threats to their intellectual property, release of healthcare information, exposure of customer and guest information (financial, tax, legal, travel, medical), interruptions to production and breaches of digital assets (books, videos, databases, system backups, customer lists, product announcements), as well as threats to the safety of employees.




Companies need to protect their facilities, assets and employees from cyber threats while maintaining operational efficiency. Network or device intrusions can shut down processes, cause equipment to operate in an unsafe manner, reveal proprietary methodologies and recipes, permit ransomware to be inserted and exploit a long list of other vulnerabilities. Owl’s DualDiode technology products secure and protect networks from cyberattacks while transferring operational data to managers and support staff without having to make a trade-off between productivity and security.



According to third party analysts and the Dept. Of Homeland Security, data diodes are now seen as the most secure way to protect a network without completely disconnecting it. Owl’s DualDiode technology includes the core hardware-based data diode cited by the analysts and also incorporates multiple layers of technology and operational methodologies to create a Defense-in-Depth solution. We protect network boundaries against cyber attacks while securely transferring data (files, packet streams, databases, event logs, alarms, streaming surveillance video, etc.) to the corporate network.


To create the right cybersecurity and data transfer solution, customers select a DualDiode hardware platform in conjunction with one or more software application(s) to support specific interfaces (GE, OSIsoft®, Rockwell Automation, Schneider Electric) or data types. We offer “all in one” solutions (OPDS-100 series) as well as card kits (EPDS) for off the shelf servers.



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