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The automation of factories, power plants, distribution centers and other production facilities rely on Distributed Control Systems (DCS) and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems to support process control activities 24x7. Information gathered by DCS and SCADA systems needs to be securely transferred between the plant and the business networks without jeopardizing the security, safety and reliability of the plant.    Over the last 12 years Owl has worked with suppliers and customers to develop a set of cybersecurity products that protect networks and support a wide range of data applications and interfaces used in plants. These products are currently protecting hundreds of customer sites globally.


Typical Uses:

Utilizing Owl’s OPDS or EPDS solutions as the core, Owl offers a wide range of Data Historian connectors that integrate seamlessly to solutions from leading historian vendors such as OSIsoft, GE, Rockwell, Schneider and others.


Owl also supports MODBUS and OPC certified connectors that interface directly to PLCs, RTUs or other SCADA devices to move real-time plant data across network security boundaries.  Owl also provides monitoring applications such as the Owl Virtual ScreenView which supports a nonintrusive monitoring of SCADA HMIs or other plant applications.  In addition, Owl supports the GE OSM system, securely transferring data from the OSM server to remote monitoring centers.

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