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Remote monitoring of systems used to support IT and Industrial Control applications provides an operationally efficient, cost effective means to ensure business continuity.  Unfortunately, the same data communication infrastructure used to support remote monitoring also makes the infrastructure vulnerable to hackers.  For over 10 years Owl’s Perimeter Defense Solutions (OPDS & EPDS) have supported the secure transfer of Syslog messages, proprietary system log files, SNMP Messages and system Alarms and Events data out of the network to end-users while enforcing a network security perimeter which isolates critical systems from outsider threats and cyber-attacks.


Typical Uses:

Owl’s OPDS and EPDS system have been deployed to facilitate the secure remote monitoring of Nuclear, Fossil & Hydroelectric power generation control systems; Electric Transmission & Distribution substations infrastructure; Oil and Gas production and distribution systems; IT Infrastructure for Banking and Financial institutions and many other systems supporting a variety of industries Owl’s solutions not only move data and make it available remotely but we can also replicate HMI screens making them accessible at remote facilities.


Notable  Associations, Accreditations, Certifications:

Owl’s offers an OPC certified Alarms and Events (OPC A&E) connector with our OPDS and EPDS solutions and Owl solutions support transferring PAS Alarm Management Alarms.



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