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Cyberattacks continue to exploit vulnerabilities and prove software-based tools (firewalls, RBACs, VPNs, etc.) aren’t able to stop them. Due to their inherent immunity to these vulnerabilities, data diodes have found an initial foothold in securing the networks of industrial and commercial enterprises. Since then, other organizations in the services industry (universities, national labs, financial services, healthcare, etc.) have taken notice of the cybersecurity value proposition and started implementing data diode solutions to protect data centers, research, system backups, intellectual property, financial transactions, personally identifiable information, and other common data types and formats (databases, files, email, images).



Customers have repeatedly said that implementing the data diode is the easy part; the challenge is segmenting the network to limit authorized access and identifying data flows between segments. Network segmentation follows best practices in cybersecurity starting with building a defendable perimeter, reducing your attack surface, managing authentication and the general use of a defense-in-depth strategy. The services industry is becoming more data-driven than ever, and the most distinct challenge is typically accomplishing these cybersecurity best practices and securing high value networks while also preserving the availability of data for authorized users and processes.



The Owl Perimeter Defense product line (OPDS), features a variety of form factors and bandwidth options (including variable bandwidth licensing) to segment and protect networks, and securely transfer data across segment boundaries. The 19” 1U rackmount solutions (OPDS-100, OPDS-1000) are the most popular as they fit in any standard 19” IT rack system and offer speeds from 10 Mbps to 1,000 Mbps. The smaller OPDS-100D is designed for DIN rails or other vertical mounts, operates in environmental extremes, and is ideal for customers with space constraints and/or remote or exposed facilities. Server-based solutions are also available for customers with high-bandwidth data transfer requirements (up to 10 Gbps). The Owl Sales Engineering team works with you to understand your unique security and data transfer requirements (data types, number of data flows, bandwidth, etc.) and can help you find the best solution to meet your needs.



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