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In the Government sector we primarily focus on the Department of Defense and the U.S. Intelligence Agencies. For over 16 years we have been deploying what is referred to as Cross Domain Solutions.  These solutions meet the stringent needs of these user communities and range from small mobile and tactical devices to powerful enterprise wide server solutions. Owl Cross Domain Solutions (OCDS) are designed to provide secure transfer of documents between unclassified (NIPRNet), secret (SIPRNet) and top secret networks (JWICS). Owl products are accredited and appear on the UCDSMO validated products list.


Critical Infrastructure:

Oil and gas companies, electrical generation utilities (hydro, nuclear, fossil), petrochemical companies, water/wastewater utilities, power transmission and distribution, mining operations and other utilities have all chosen to protect their facilities with Owl Perimeter Defense Solutions (OPDS). Both of our markets benefit from the range of products we offer, from the 1 U “all-in-one” appliance type devices, to card sets that can be installed in off-the-shelf servers, from “DIN rail” mounted devices for industrial settings to our “small as a quarter” miniaturized solutions for tactical and mobile deployments.  This range of products represents different form factors as well as a range of data throughput speeds. In addition, these core products can be enhanced with a number of software applications that provide site specific interfaces and support for different protocols, vendors, data types and security standards.

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